Happy Birthday DesperateExes.com!

Happy BirthdayAll right already, yes DesperateExes.com is one year old and I am now closer to 60 than I like! Oh sure, I hear it all the time, John, you don’t look at all that old, well I’m getting there! Sure, I have kept up my looks and girlish figure but I have more mileage on my ass than a 56 Studebaker. And for life experiences you will not find many with as many as I have…just name a subject, try me…having been an embalmer and a cop, folks that says it all! What have I not seen? NOTHING….

The advice given here on DesperateExes.com is used by thousands of women around the world. Sometimes with a “twist,” and that is OK as my ideas can adapt for different times and situations. And I have the wounds to show that in my racket, “No good deed goes unpunished.” But I will always do and say things my way, backed up by all that life experience referenced above. If I like someone or something and you disagree, fine…I will more or less still like it, but it’s always interesting to hear your takes, too. We at DesperateExes.com are looking towards many years to come. Thanks so much for reading and sharing your own thoughts and experiences, keep ’em coming.

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