Pellicano Trial: Osama and the Pelican

Pellicano StrangeloveWhat do John J. Nazarian, Anthony Pellicano and Osama bin Laden have in common? Not a damn thing. Now I have said many times that Anthony was good at what he did, and at the time he was the “cock of the walk” when it came to P.I.s in the L.A. area, but I do think he was losing it. Losing it in so much as he felt that he was untouchable. Till that idiot he hired slapped that smelly fish on poor Anitas windshield…that did it. Well they touched him alright, tore his pointed head off and stuffed it in his ass! How do you like the view from there, Mr. Pellicano?

One of my new friends sent me this qoute from a Chuck Philips L.A. Times article on June 11, 2006: If the American public had any idea of all thesurveillance, wiretapping and illegal things that our own government actuallydoes, they would be shocked, Pellicano said. Chasing terrorists iswhat the FBI is supposed to be doing. Ive got to tell you, if insteadof keeping me behind bars here, they gave me the job of findingOsama bin Laden, I guarantee you I would findhim.

You know what, I say sentence the Pelican and drop him in the mountains of Waziristan with a knapsack, a dish towel for his little head, a nice pair of sandals and his Telesleuth and maybe even let “Happy Ray” Turner, the phone guy, go with him and let’s see if these two wizards can find Osama. I have to warn them that there are no B boxes and frames, just cold, heat and rocks. I can see it now…Pellicano sharing his recipes for linguine and clams and Osama warming up a nice pot of camel stew. While we’re dreaming, perhaps the government could stuff a tracking device up “Happy Rays” lower colon and when the signal is given the U.S. could drop a 500 lb bunker buster and put them all out of their misery.

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