Christensen Trial: Down the Rabbit Hole!

Madhatters in the Courtroom!Poor Judge Dale Fischer must be wondering if she slipped into an abyss and is in a land with BIG Bunnies running around wearing even bigger funny hats! And there she sits with her Bench, Robes and Gavel…but it is not…she is in her courtroom and she is very much awake!

It all started when Terree Bower, Esquire stood up and took exception with Mr. Saunders and his personal computer having most of if not all of the recordings Pellicano — “the good soldier” — made of his “pal,” Terry Christensen. Terree stood straight and without missing a beat asked for a mistrial due to the issue of the recordings not being in a better place….like buried under a nuclear reactor! Judge Fischer allowed him to express himself and then let Mr. Saunders express himself, and in a manner only a federal judge can do said, “Motion DENIED!”

The notes have started coming from the JURY ROOM, and it is not “can we have some sandwiches and cold drinks.” One note was something to the effect of “we would like an alternate juror.” What? The problem began with juror #7 (juror #3 and #9 might be involved, too) who is being portrayed as “Anti-Government”…oh, no he din’t! Expressing thoughts such as “this whole trial is a joke” and “if it is good for the goose it is good for the gander”…ie, if the government wiretaps, why can’t everyone?! Oh no! Get my hat and cane, I am going to look for wabbits! I was the first to say that there were three, maybe more jurors that would be wild cards, but even I did not see this one coming quite so soon, not even four hours into “deliberations”…someone even claims that there is a request for Ray Turner to be present…better hurry, he is going to be “tied up” for a few years…Hmmm, looking for my bunny ears! All I can say is that this judge is not going to be happy with these events. And it will be even more interesting to see what the defense is going to do…OK, the government has three at least that are not thinking “guilty”..does the defense say “Oh, OK just give us three alternates, maybe they will find our guy guilty”? I am not smart enough to figure that out…but I bet Ms. Glaser and Mr. Bower will have some suggestions. Let’s just hope they are not wearing rainbow suits and stove pipe hats!

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