Did you just beep? Shhh…

Pellicano LA TimesToday’s article by Victoria Kim of the Los Angeles Times touches on some interesting thoughts. What Anthony Pellicano did was nothing short of a time bomb waiting to go off: recording people without their knowledge and keeping those recordings for some “future” use. I am still not sure why, I hope that someday Anthony will see his way to telling me…I would love to sit and talk to him. What happened to all the money. and why tape everybody?

I am without question one of the lamest people in the world when it comes to electronics. Also, being a former police officer enters into the mix…I know the law. But even as a police officer I was the last to give up my revolver for a semi-auto, and did so under duress. I will never be the poster geezer for change. I and many of those close to me believe that old-fashion gumshoe techniques still work best. Having reliable contacts and being able to use those contacts effectively are as good today as they were back in Hal Lipsets day! Hal was one of my mentors in the beginning of my becoming a P.I. (Mr. Lipset was Richard Nixons P.I., back when it was fun).

Cell phones, text messages, and e-mails have become a big enough problem trying to keep things “quiet,” never mind recording your friends and people who trust you. If someone is leaving threatening messages and your safety or that of a loved one is at risk, that is a totally different matter, do what you have to.

I tell all the lawyers who work with us that they should never speak to any so-called private investigator on any phone for more that 1 minute or more about any “assignment.” Have them come to your office, NOT theirs, and discuss whatever it is that needs to be discussed, and bill the client for that meeting and even for parking for all of you big shots who don’t validate. To just put your mouth in gear chit chat about any case is a HUGE mistake and Mr.Pellicano proves my point. He is not the only one that likes to tape your calls, please trust me on this. You have a nice office and that is where you need to discuss issues. Also for those of you who attended my lectures on Attorneys and P.I.s, remember those darn files — that too is something that you need to be aware of and take control of. Our policy at Nazarian and Associates: we don’t keep records, never have and never will, never mind recordings!

I will even go further, I know of a few people who will only speak to people in steam rooms and hot tubs…and for me that is fine, I love a nice steam and a massage!

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