But then there’s the Pellicano Factor…

Sinking PelicanChristensen’s innocence or guilt is irrelevant as to what the rules of the game are. And I think that the defense has done what they set out to do: create reasonable doubt.

The only sand in the vaseline, the fly in the ointment, the shit on your sandal or Pelican stuck in your ass is Anthony Pellicano. He went from being the Go-to Guy to the Shit Fairy, everything he touched has turned to shit. He so sabotaged the first trial with his wanting to be seen as “smart.” Just maybe, if he had Glaser that verdict could have been different, but the Big Bird is arrogant. For Anthony it is arrogance that has been his downfall and continues to be.

Anthonys presence I think is more of a problem than the evidence against Terry Christensen. He was in the mix for so many years that letting go is obviously not easy for Pellicano. However, it appears that he is wanting to insert himself in the Christensen defense, but Pellicanos “help” is right up there with his Omerta and “love,” and what gives with this constant state of “Happy?” I do not see the state of “Happy” with Christensens team but rather fighting each battle one at a time.

I am still predicting a Not Guilty verdict…I believe that it would be a sure thing if the Pelican was not perched within sight of the jurors.

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