Update on the abduction of Greg, Alex and Zaven

OnStar was contacted by Sgt. Vahak Mardikian with the Glendale Police Department, Glendale, California, thanks to Detective John Balian, also of the Glendale PD, who heard our request for help and brought in Sgt. Mardikian. The good sarge listened to us and knew what needed to be done and did it!

As far as I am concerned, OnStar is worthless for anything except to add additional pain and grief to my clients lives. After several days of jumping through hoops and dealing with loons, just today July 23, 2008 they have activated the locate system for one of the stolen cars we believe is being used. None of this would have happened had it not been for Sgt. Mardikian and Detective Balian, I and my clients will never be able to thank these two men enough for their professionalism and willingness to help.

The two mothers and I were in Dept. 67, Judge Frederick Shaller’s court, this morning and after my declaration of the facts was reviewed by the judge, he issued his order. The judge gave total legal custody to the two mothers of the three children and made it final. That is so rare, there will be no more hearings and there will be no more discussions, it is done. When these two scoundrels are caught and prosecuted they will never get close enough to “steal” these children again….they are soooo done!

What these two former husbands did is nothing short of criminal, plain and simple! The two of them plotted and at the agreed upon time they took the kids and hit the road. That my friends is the whole story here. And they are traveling in such a manner that is making it hard for them to be detected…but they will make a mistake, these kind always do.

Detective Lopez is off the case, and that is too bad as she did a great job and we all thank her! However, we have another heavy hitter from the ranks of the L.A.P.D. — Detective II L.C. Britton. She is the Juvenile Coodinator and can be reached at 310-482-6444 and again we have been blessed with some of the Los Angeles Police Department’s finest! Thanks to all of the police agencies who have helped us on this very difficult case.

These last several days have taken their toll on mevery little sleep, long days and too many issues and now I am feeling sick…however, one thing continues: OnStar still SUCKS!

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