John on the A-Rod versus C-Rod Divorce

Alex & Cynthia Rodriguez

Your humble correspondent was interviewed about the big Alex Rodriguez divorce case for a story in today’s NY Daily News:

Wives going for a big-league divorce have to play for keeps

When Cynthia Rodriguez ejected her cheating hubby, she stepped up to the plate for the game of her life.

Every celebrity divorce comes with its own mess, but the wives of pro athletes play a challenging position. Women like Cynthia face off against guys whose resources are as rich as their naughty secrets. Their player husbands live in a world where everything is available – and they’re used to getting what they want.

If you think A-Rod versus C-Rod is dirty right now, wait for what happens when Cynthia really starts swinging.

“No one who is going through the throes of divorce should even think about trying to play fair, because that’s not how the system is rigged,” says Los Angeles private investigator John Nazarian, who has been hired by multiple women involved in divorces from athletes, “and when these lawyers get involved, they’re going to try to figure out every which way to Sunday to take your head off. If they throw a hand grenade at you, you need to drop a bomb on them.”

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