Nazarian Speaks to PNG-100 Business Group

PNG – 100 BUSINESS GROUP was kind enough to invite me to speak at their monthly meeting. This was a powerhouse of lawyers, accountants, financial wealth managers and real estate brokers. Mirka Royston, lawyer and an associate of Trope and Trope, asked me if I would come and share what knowledge I have about private investigations and security and how it would involve this group of professionals. Let me tell you, the power and self-made people in this group would have made the Richter scale quiver!

Mirka Royston was great at throwing me questions that were relevant for this group. Mirka is one of those people that no matter how nuts a client is, she will still stay close and try and remain compassionate…not everyone has such patience when dealing with some clients! I could tell from the questions there is one subject in particular that I need to address more and it is very relevant to all who employ any domestic help. Know who you are allowing into your house! When you hire someone go and visit their home! Go and meet their “family” and make a copy of their ID and vehicle registration or something, so that when it all goes wrong as it often does, you know them as something more than “Rosa” or “Mario.” For very obvious reasons you need to have a picture and a thumb print, so you can show a police officer or a private investigator who it was that stole your life!

We also covered the “garbage issues” and this group got it fast and understood the issues not just at the office but also at the home. Know what you are putting at the curb before I do!

This was so much fun, thank you Mirka for thinking of me. Oh, but wait…I also got to see the very famous Trope and Trope courtroom…yes this firm has a real court room built across the hall from their suite…only Sorrell!

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