Show Me the Money…or at least where it went!

Past DueNever one to miss an opportunity to find good help in all areas dealing with a divorce, I have found two young ladies who own and operate a credit help company called Armored Credit Solutions. They are located at 531 Main Street, El Segundo, California 877-422 FIXX (3499…How clever!)

How many times have I had to deal with people going through a divorce and they cannot get their financial responsibilities together? Hundreds of times. These two women have a great presence, and best of all they are smart! I liked them the first time I spoke with Gabriella and she was telling me that my current client was on the verge of being broke…this same client told me that she had hundreds of thousands in reserve and not to worry! There are the key words, “not to worry”…hmmm! Gabriella called me to explain that there was not hundreds of thousands of dollars, and this ship was sinking and fast! Knowing this can also help the client to get a clearer understanding as to what is going to happen: HOMELESS and BROKE! If a client is trying to save him or herself, I am in for the long haul. If they are buying $$$$$ cars and partying, well then I deserve to be paid as much as my contract allows, why should I take a hit? Sara and Gabriella get this and get it good. They have their fingers on the pulse, can make decisions fast, have some great verbal skills when they have to deal with creditors, and they are effective! But you have to listen…the tough part for people who do this! If you paid attention you would not need Sara and Gabriella in the first place!

They help with restoration, education and protection, they are an amazing duo! Sara Magers and Gabriella Twigg will act as guardians of your accounts and if you listen to them, they are some great hired talent. They will work with getting you back current with your creditors and will even assist with budgeting your money!

They can be present for the short term or long term. Call them, you will not be disappointed.

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