Mark Arneson the Sequel: Dumb and Dumberer

Can this trial get any more insulting? First I pay $8.00 to park my car on Tuesday the 15th of April only to have Chad Hummel stand up and start what was a brilliant attempt to take a shot at a mistrial! Chad has a presence and even as Judge Fischer was trying to shut him down, the voice would not quit! Chads attack almost had Lally and Saunders doing the famous “He did it!,” pointing at each other! What did Mr. Hummel think when he put his dummy on the stand? Throw chocolate kisses and discuss the finer aspect of policing Los Angeles? Anyways, I was out in less than an hour and I could have parked curbside…8 bucks, Chad!

Wednesday was funny in so much that we got to watch the “dummy” try and convince everyone that he only told a falsehood…this is the word that “Da Sarge” uses when he lies. Dummy! Mr. Mark Arneson has got to be either one of the dumbest SOBs in the world, or actually thought he was doing good! Saunders roasted the crap out of him and he just sat there and lied! He looked like a four year old with a mouth full of cookies, and when his mother asks “what happened to the cookies?” says while spitting crumbs all over her, “I dunno.” Saunders showed how Da Sarge falsified his “Sgts logs” for the L.A.P.D., and it was nothing short of pathetic…Arneson could have been the inspiration for the Dragnet theme: dumb duh dumb dumb! After court as he walked to his car with his wife, a uniformed officer was talking to him up the street from the court house…that too seems funny why anyone in uniform would want to be seen with him.

One of the bright spots was when FBI Special Agent Stan Ornelas took the stand…he goes up right after Arneson gets off. I was wondering if the court was going to call for a clean up crew to wipe up the piss and sweat generated by Da Sarge. This guy, Ornelas is the real deal, he was the Lead Case Agent on this case and a guy who knows his stuff! Stan became an agent when becoming one was tough. 30 years of tracking down the bad guys — now don’t get me wrong, it is still tough to get into the FBI, but I am talking old school here folks! As for having to sit in the same spot that the “Dummy” had just vacated, it had to be one of the worst things this highly respected member of the FBI had to do in years! Mr. Hummel I think may have made one mistake putting Arneson up on the stand and now he is talking to a guy who is going to tell the truth, Stan Ornelas, Special Agent! I think we will all see, as will Mr. Hummel, that when you tell the truth it is very easy! Unlike watching Mr. Arneson try and remember what lie was what and when, and we already know that “Da Sarge” is not the sharpest knife in the drawer…

Saunders GrillOne other thing, it was made very clear that Mr. Arneson was a financial wreck. And Mr. Saunders new nickname is “the Griller!” — he did a brilliant job of showing how this guy could not even keep his own home in order and pay his Fn bills! “Help me Anthony.” Funny thought, you know like the George Foreman Grill, we have the Saunders Grill and on the box we could have Arneson, covered in olive oil and garlic (for all the Goombahs) and of course the Pelican, we would need good olive oil from the mutha land! All ready to be grilled, hey another product idea, we cold have Silly Dogs by Mark Arneson — eat one and be silly and tell stories that no one believes!

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