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A note to lawyers who use Nazarian & Associates – Desperate Exes | Unleashed

A note to lawyers who use Nazarian & Associates

Over the years I have worked with some of the finest lawyers in Los Angeles, and after sitting at the Pellicano trial I see, without exception, a common element in them! All of the lawyers that I work with have always told me to do whatever I could within the guidelines of the law, and that is what I have done. Oh sure, there have been problems when maybe a “target” called the cops on us for legally watching them or a residence. And even some lawyers stopped using us for whatever reason they may have had, and that too is fine (some of them were driving me nuts too! However, all the while we have always acted in a manner — perhaps slow and old-fashioned for some tastes — like that of a traditional gumshoe. What I and my team do is not an exact science and most likely never will be, and thus common sense, experience, a comfortable pair of shoes, and tenacity is all that I can bring to a client’s practice…and it still gets good results!

On behalf of my sons and myself, I want to thank all of you who use us on a reguar basis to assist you and your clients’ concerns, and I promise never to leave you in a state of panic wondering if you will be allowed to practice law in this great state!

I am mentioning this because it is becoming very obvious to me that, for whatever reason, the government in this trial has given a “pass” to most of the lawyers who used Mr. Pellicano. When I say “pass,” I am saying that perhaps the evidence was not there and a pass was all the government could do. Hearing what I heard today in Judge Fischer’s courtroom, it was nothing short of outrageous the behavior and bullying taking place in DIVORCE cases! Lawyers being intimidated by private investigators? (Yes, I have had people tell me that my legal presence intimidated them…what can I say? I failed as a male model!) However, all of you Pellicano fans with JDs, that ride is all over and you will have to turn to “Old-Time Gumshoe” types! Oh, before I forget, the “Farmer’s Market” of police information is also drying up faster than Lake Mead! What happened to Arneson’s boat?

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