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John’s Rate-a-Lawyer: Sarah K. Thomas – Desperate Exes | Unleashed

John’s Rate-a-Lawyer: Sarah K. Thomas

Just by luck I may have found some new talent. I was present when Sarah K. Thomas, lawyer, was in the throws of battle with what I guess one would call an “Oaf,” and he was big, so I guess “Big Oaf” would be appropriate here! Sarah is a graduate of The University of Oregon, and if she was green, you could say that she was as cool as a cucumber! Passed the bar in 2007 and you heard it here first, in time she could be a player in the game of DIVORCE! However, she is not green and she is very capable and has a “presence” at the table. I often speak about presence and some have it and some don’t! Even as the “Oaf” was playing the fool, Ms. Thomas presented her case and was at all times composed…even when she could have taken a shot at this big dummy she did not. She played it perfectly, as this judge and most judges like the manner that Ms. Thomas brings to the table.

She knows her stuff and you can give her a call at her Woodland Hills office at 818-883-5962, and she is also in Simi Valley at 805-583-5800. So if you are trapped in one of these places, this could be the lawyer who helps you put the “trash” out!

Nazarian’s Rating: On Hold

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