John’s Rate-a-Lawyer: Jay Curtis Cox

Just about the time I’ve got a feel for the Marriage Dissolution business, here comes Jay Curtis Cox, lawyer. I noticed him earlier as he had an off-beige suit, western-style boots and a tie that he must have found on a dozing homeless person. My other thought was he is from Orange County…he was! This guy is…let’s just say large…and he begins his overly aggressive stance with Judge Michael P. Linfeld. The Judge tells him that the “mom and dad” are not fighting, so why are you? Chill was the tone of the day with the former lovers in front of the Judge today, and they were being “polite” with their hate for each other and very reasonable. Then Mr. Cox made the move — he more or less told the judge that like it or not he (Mr. Cox) was going to get a subject on the record. It was the OK Corral in Dept 22 — if looks could kill, we all would have smelled bacon burning and going to ash, and this guy would have been scattered over the parking lot! His Honor told him in no uncertain terms what he thought of his position. That stare was the best I have seen…Cox must have thought of seeing his license spiral down the toilet. But, he was aggressive!

Sarah K. Thomas had the other seat and presented her case very professionally and never raised her voice. Good thing “Amazing Grace” Jamra was not in that seat, she would have had this Cowboy howling for less heat! As she zapped him with a cattle prod. And don’t even get me started with the spurs! As is usual, Judge Linfeld, a Harvard Law grad, had the whole issue on his computer and made the calls as only this judge can do — and all in Cox’s favor! This lawyer Mr. Cox could have just sat there and not pissed off his honor and not said a peep. Ladies and Gents, when you have a lawyer going overboard to try and impress you, the client, it would not hurt to ask them if they might want to cool it…aggression is always good when you are losing and need to take a stance, but when the Judge is siding with you already…SHUT UP!

Nazarian’s Rating: *1/2

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