John’s Rate-a-Judge: Rudolph Diaz, Dept. 83

Several weeks ago I stopped in on Dept. 83 (LA Superior), the court of Judge Rudolph A. Diaz…this guy looks like a judge! Very distinguished with silver hair. He almost looks like one of my instructors at the police academy, a retired police detective from New York who could have been his brother. You know the look…seeing him walking down the street you would say “He looks like a judge.”

Judge Diaz is very respected by those who come into his court. I spoke to ten lawyers at random and all had similar comments about him — he is friendly, and at the same time he allows for the attorneys to try and work things out under his guidance, he knows who he is and has a very cool style. This is a tough thing to explain as you have to see it first hand…it is not a weakness, it is wisdom…and again look at this guy and listen to him, you will see what I mean! All of these judges have the ability to “judge things,” but having the power and using it with care is a real art.

His court runs smoothly and even his bailiff is vigilant and courteous…almost all of these deputies keep the eye out for trouble, and yet at the same time they are as polite a group I have ever seen.

Nazarian’s Rating: ***

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