“The Longest Call”…and the answer

love and moneyRecently a very well-known lawyer in the Bay Area told me that he had a client who was a very high-end call girl who somehow married one of her clients. We have had a couple of these cases also, and they are never boring. You know, once a “hooker”…hmmmm, that is a tough habit to break! So he tells me that she was thinking of doing a book now that she hated her former customer and soon-to-be-ex-hubby #3, and it would be titled “The Longest Call”! Wow, that is a great title. I was speaking with one of my very good friends who is in Family Law in Century City and he mentioned a sequel, that title would be “The Most Expensive Fuck, ” the former hubby’s version of the events! Forgive me for the vulgarity, but it is what it is and you must agree, two great titles! And to make this an even and fair story, as a former cop I can tell you it would appear that men who enjoy the company of “hookers” don’t give that habit up easily either!

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