John’s Rate-a-Lawyer: Grace A. Jamra

The pyrotechnic Grace JamraOnce in a very great while I get to see “Legal Fireworks”…no not the Fourth of July kind, but the courtroom kind!

I wandered into Judge Elizabeth R. Feffer’s courtroom (she is the one that is sooooo easy on the eyes, and I bet her mother is a very pretty woman!)…well, I am sitting there, waiting to be bored with the usual whining only divorcing couples can do, and BAM! The lawyer representing the husband (this poor guy should seek new counsel and fire the guy who colors his hair) is hitting his stride, and on and on he goes, and then it happens. Amazing Grace starts — Grace A. Jamra, Esquire of the very prestigious firm of Phillips, Lerner, Lauzon & Jamra — she is pacing, she is ready to explode, and does she ever! I have never seen a lawyer challenge a judge as she did, and she threw it all back on the opposing counsel (whose name I did not get…who cares!). She bantered and ducked and dived, and all in a very nice suit and even nicer shoes. She looked like the Marines landing on a beach: shoot first and take no prisoners! The volume in the court was also at a tone that seldom is heard; she knew what she was doing, and the judge agreed. This went on for more than 30 minutes, and this gal did not lose any steam.

It has been a very long time since I have seen anything like this, and you all know what a fan I am of tough lawyering, and even better smart lawyering, and even better entertaining! Ms. Jamra is right up there with the greats, and I know them all! Makes me wonder who did the placement on the “partners?” Ms. Jamra is the last name on the card…can you imagine what the others in her firm could be like? It is too bad that these scenes are not videotaped; this is what future lawyers should see, and even better clients who want to see what an aggressive lawyer looks like! Based on today’s example, Ms. Jamra would be a 5 star…I don’t go that high…but this one is definitely one to watch!

Nazarian’s Rating: ****

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