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Mail Call


From the mailbag:

Hi John,

Just accidentally came across your site and am interested in finding out the disposition of cases pending in Judge Shaller’s Dept 67? Does Judge Gail Feuer pick up from where Judge Shaller left off? I have a relative who’s case is coming up soon in Dept 67. Judge Shaller is the 3rd judge dealing with this long drawn out divorce/child custody case.

I’m coming from the Father’s side of the issue and (being realistic & truthful) he’s had to jump through SO many hoops and is still battling so many issues that our experience in the family court system has and still is a terrible travesty of “justice”. Based on your website you offer support to the many women who have been run through the mill. How about some fair play for the DAD?

Originally his attorneys felt he had a very good chance of winning at trial for recouping some of the excessive attorneys’ fee which were incurred because the EX lied and drove the divorce/custody going on 3 plus years and most likely will not give up until the children are 18yrs old; but now have changed their tune and just want him to give it up because the case was before Judge Shaller; and Judge Shaller was supposed to render a decision on how much child support she was supposed to pay the Father since the custody is 52:48 for the father and she is financially more set than he. The Dad would put the funds aside for their future education. He truly has the welfare of the children at the center of all his concerns. And the EX and her family have continued to do all they can to emotionally & physically ALIENATE the children from their Father. It’s been an awful experience & unfortunately we are not done yet! Thanks for any light you can shine on our case.

Looking for Justice!

Hey Looking for Justice,

Since Judge Shaller is now in the “civil” end of things, he does have the ability to continue as he chooses to hear the cases that he was involved with. Special ones I guess…however, he is going to have a load to carry on his new assignment.

We see this all of the time, and if your friends did not have money this would all go away in the manner that it was designed to do. However, when you have one or more people involved with money, why would the lawyers want a speedy solution…not going to happen.

Who are the lawyers involved? Judge Feuer is no babe in the woods, and I like the tone her courtroom takes. She does not have the experience yet of some of these old-timers in family court, but she has been around and will grasp the theatrics that this type of law carries. Remember this: when one side or the other does not care about legal fees and parental alienation and all that will do in the years to come, why should the lawyers? Lawyers get paid to practice and the judges get paid to listen!

All my best,


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