Be vewwy afwaid…of incompetent associates!

ElmerWhat do you do when an associate at a very high-powered law firm tells you, “you should be nicer to Ralph as he has a very aggressive lawyer” (Ralph being the soon to be EX) and “perhaps that will make things better.” LMAO! You have to be kidding me, especially after having spent a few hundred thousand for top representation and advice! It is no wonder that this associate (as are many) is seldom if ever seen in court, and better suited for the office. Hmmm, how that must feel? A lawyer that looks and acts like Elmer Fudd in a courtroom and cannot perform, folks there are a lot of them…be careful! You’re at war, and you’re about to go into battle with a chicken leading the charge…how do you like your odds now?

If any associate ever makes such a comment to a client, he or she should be fired or relegated to calling on past due accounts!

Again, remember what I said about hiring “the” firm or a sole practioner. I have news for you…this type of comment is bad, but wait till you hear in future postings about some of these so-called partners that exist out there! Many lawyers hate what they do, and thus have the ability to try and pass the misery on to those around them in the office. Rumor-mongering is alive and well in some of these places. It is one of these types that would make a statement like the above to a client in the throws of fighting for her emotional life! I have seen it first hand.

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