An early Valentine for Commissioner Endman

shinyheart.jpgI was contacted by Beverly Hills lawyer Cary Goldstein who was a bit miffed about comments on Commissioner Endman. Goldstein says, “I like him…his decisions have been well thought out.” He tells us that The Commish likes to shoot the bull in chambers, and loves a good joke! Goldstein says when he is assigned to Commissioner Endman he is very pleased, and would never ask for another department. Commissioner Endman has been around a very long time, and maybe the issue is that his “bullshit” meter is very low, and he won’t tolerate any antics from some of the side-busters standing and sitting in front of him…nice suits or not! Being very honest, he looks like the judges I grew up with in Boston. That folks is a story for another time! Commish you have a supporter, Cary Goldstein, Esq…SWAK!

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