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John’s Rate-a-Lawyer: Tamar Poladian – Desperate Exes | Unleashed

John’s Rate-a-Lawyer: Tamar Poladian

This is very difficult for me BUT I have to be fair and even-handed in my thoughts and evaluations as it is all for my readers and fans of! Glendale? Why the hell would anyone go to Glendale to look for a DIVORCE lawyer? Well, the pains are shooting through my back as I type, but folks you may want to look up Tamar Poladian, Esquire. She has been a family law attorney for over 8 years and has a solid presence in Glendale. She will go the extra mile and take on the big boys and girls from Beverly Hills and Century City from her Glendale office. The location helps keep her fees reasonable (low…and I can assume that is why she has NEVER used my services! I find some lawyers are thinking that they are doing good for clients by using cheaper P.I.s…a huge mistake! Not saying that this is the case on Ms. Poladian.) I have never seen her in the courtroom doing battle; however, when you speak to her, I think that you will feel comfortable that you are in the right place! Look her up at 818.242.8100, 1101 N. Pacific Avenue, Suite # 303, Glendale, California 91202.

I am holding my rating on this barrister till I get to see her shoot some broadsides in the courtroom….but I am still comfortable that you will not be disappointed in her ability to represent you!
Nazarian’s Rating: on hold

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