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Anne Nakornratana Slusser, Esq. – Desperate Exes | Unleashed

Anne Nakornratana Slusser, Esq.

Every firm, and some sole practitioners, have someone in the office who can bring tranquility back and make sense out of nonsense! Welcome Anne Nakornratana Slusser, Esquire. Anne is an associate of Meyer, Olson & Lowy — a female-intense firm with some of the biggest sharks trolling the L.A. courts…but they dress nice and have very sharp legal minds! I have known Anne for many years and have come to understand why she is an important part of a “Take no Prisoners” firm as this. She is very wise and very calming, and can take the tiger or the frequent distressed client by the tail and work with them, all the while making the wise decisions that can be very critical in family law, i.e. DIVORCE! Whoever hired her 6 years ago must be very pleased to see her amazing climb. But when you have talent, that climb is not that tough at all! Makes you wonder why some people who claim to practice family law do just that, “practice.” Anne does not practice, she performs, and the difference is in your face!

Ms. Slusser tells me that she can order Thai food speaking limited Thai. My only holdback…it is very true you will never see her on the cooking channel (she tends to cause some P.I.’s cash flow nightmares)! There is little question that no matter what she does, she will always be very successful…although the cooking thing, another life time perhaps…hmmmm? She is a great human being, funny and sooooo talented as a family law practitioner, someone has to be thinking…partner?
Nazarian’s Rating: ***

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