Judge Gail R. Feuer: Here Comes the Judge!


My first LA Superior Court visit for the New Year, 2008 was to her Honor Gail R. Feuer. Department 67 is now her domain and Judge Shaller is now sitting in Department 10 and looking very happy!

My first impression of Judge Feuer was “wow!” She has a presence and is savvy enough to slow the roll of some of the attorneys whining in front of her. Her background was as an environmental lawyer — I hope she likes her new environment in family law court. And she also has a background as a judge in criminal misdemeanor court; that will come in handy when some of these so-called boyfriends and husbands show up trying to pull their shenanigans! She speaks clearly and appears to give those in front of her “room;” she is, however, going to keep her court moving and make good use of her time!
Nazarian’s Rating: on hold for now

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