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John’s Rate-a-Lawyer: Elyse Margolin, Esquire – Desperate Exes | Unleashed

John’s Rate-a-Lawyer: Elyse Margolin, Esquire

Have you ever noticed how a little dog will attack and attack, and never totally realize that it is too small to kill the German Shepherd that is towering over it? Elyse Margolin, Esquire is tiny in size, but just watch how she will go for the “win!” Her nickname among admirers is “Pinball!” She did not get that name by being asleep at the wheel. She is married to Jeff Sklan, Esquire, a very talented criminal defense attorney (I was present at their wedding), and the two share her office suite in Beverly Hills. One other lawyer is her daughter, a Harvard Law grad! This is a perfect case of “the apple did not fall far from the tree.”

Her offices often look like a “paper bomb” exploded, but she can find what she is looking for in a flash…it is her style and it works! No one retaining Elyse to handle a divorce will be disappointed. She works hard and is relentless…oops, RELENTLESS! My only advice for Ms. Margolin, Esquire is to see if she can get a little ladder to carry on her rolling office — yes a ladder would help you to get on top of the “long table” and jump and stomp to get the court’s attention! Folks, this is not a “shrinking violet” — she has the vocal presence of someone 10 times her size. Very few are as aggressive as this lawyer is when presenting her case, she is tough. She is focused and will get her point across, NO MATTER WHAT! With the energy that she uses I was beginning to sweat, and I was sitting in the back of the courtroom!
Nazarian’s Rating: ****

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