John’s Rate-a-Lawyer: Noelle M. Halaby

Why anyone would ever go to Glendale for a lawyer or a doctor, I am a little confused by those who do this! Is it looking for a cheaper retainer or offices with no personality, self-parking? What? Great police department for sure, but other than that, go figure. Noelle M. Halaby, Esq. was at one time an associate with a very prestigious law firm many years ago, and for whatever reason got tired of the grind, the commute, office politics, or just wanted a simpler professional life…she found it! Yea for her! However, practicing family law in Glendale, California is one step from not practicing at all! I got a chance to watch her earlier this year going up against Lawrence Leone, Esq. and it was very sad, sad in a way that Mr. Leone could have handled this appearance from his desk in his highrise suite on Wilshire Boulevard (almost Santa Monica). Ms. Halaby had what I guess was an assistant with her, and the two of them together — hmmm, lets just say the packaging was a little “dry.” Leone? Impeccable! And I will be honest here, Leone always looks well-groomed and tanned…someone is paying for that look! If you are going to be in the Family Law practice, being in the right place and having “the look” is important. Ms. Halaby has the education and was almost a player…it would appear that she was at the airport when her ship came in.
Nazarian’s Rating: 1/2 star

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