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John’s Rate-a-Lawyer: Lisa Meyer – Desperate Exes | Unleashed

John’s Rate-a-Lawyer: Lisa Meyer

What comes to mind for me when I think of Lisa Helfend Meyer, Esquire, is a very large and hungry shark! When you meet Lisa at her totally tricked out office suite in Century City, you won’t find a “large hungry shark,” you will find one of this city’s best family law attorneys that money can buy! And you will also notice that she is rather petite, and always well-dressed…extremely well-dressed (the shoes)! What she spends on handbags alone could support a small third world nation. This lawyer is first-class all the way and that is how she rolls! And she is one of those lawyers who will travel if her clients need her to…First Class!

I have to be honest here, I have known Lisa and her partners, Dana Lowy and Doreen Olson, for many years, and have watched them grow to the stars. She and her firm represent some of Hollywood’s finest. The offices of Meyer, Olson and Lowy take up 1/2 of the 14th floor at the very prestigious address at 10100 Santa Monica Boulevard, Century City. Lisa and her partners hand pick the staff and have several junior lawyers to do the grunt work, but don’t worry — when you hire Lisa, Dana or Doreen, this will be who you see in court! There will be no “hire a shark” and when you show up for your court date you find a “flounder!” Not here. Lisa Helfend Meyer will be there, standing beside you and doing your bidding! She will tear and shred, and her vocabulary? Oh, just wish that someone, anyone on the other side pisses her off! That alone will be worth the price of admission! And one more thing, be nice to her Executive Assistant, Carey, she is the gate keeper at this firm and has been with Lisa and Dana since day one! You will be well advised to have a check book at the ready; all this top shelf lawyering does not come cheap, nor should it! Plus remember that hand bag collection?
Nazarian’s Rating: ****

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