John’s Rate-a-Lawyer: Bob Cohen

Robert M. Cohen, Esquire! When you have Bob Cohen for a lawyer — if you can behave yourself and take good legal advice — you have one of the best! Be warned, he will not take any “guff” from anyone, that includes his clients! He is smart — very smart — and another lawyer who has the respect and attention of the men and women in black robes. I have seen this first hand on several occasions…Bob has handled a few “issues” for me over the years, and for me to play nice is not easy…and we both played nice! Bob Cohen does not have to make the rent every month — he is very successful and practices family law because he wants to and likes doing it. Something I always notice is the “enviroment,” you know…the furniture, the carpet, the place. Mr. Cohen has one of the nicest sole practioner’s offices I have seen (located in Century City)…and we have Joan to thank for that! And the view…for that we can thank mother nature and a view from the top!
Nazarian’s Rating: ****+

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