John’s Rate-a-Judge: Commissioner James Endman, Dept. 84

Poor Commissioner Endman, is he the Rodney Dangerfield of commissioners at Stanley Mosk (LA County Superior Court)? Once again, this week I have been told by two attorneys that going before this commish is painful! “Cantankerous” is the position of one legal eagle and the head of a very prestigious firm here in Century City. “Miserable, ill-tempered” says another! I have seen Commissioner Endman in action, and I have seen him be perhaps all of the above, but…someone has to like being before him! (?) Please someone come to Endman’s aid and say something nice. On John’s Rate-a-Judge he is going to get one star: * Hey, I like the guy, but then again, not being as old as he is, I too like being cantankerous and miserable sometimes…maybe that is why I am often entertained by this Commish!

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