The hidden asset game

Mr. Rat hides the cheeseIt’s the same old story…the love of your life (AKA “the sperm donor”) has a good job in November, right? And then you serve him with the divorce papers. Why is it that now, in December, he is broke and damn near homeless? Girlfriend, it is all a part of the game! I was lucky enough to listen in on a taped conversation with an accountant — let’s just call this accountant “Mr. Rat.” Well, without his knowing, a “potential client” came into his office and recorded him! Yes, he did! And then the recording was found, and we all got to listen to Mr. Rat tell my client’s husband how to screw her out of her money! I am hoping that this will turn into a great civil suit for Mr. Rat, as he says it and we all heard what he was going to do to screw my client out of her money. Yes, her money! Remember 50/50?

Well, it is people like Mr. Rat who will help some of these scoundrels hide what should be yours. Or the employer who pays “Junior” under the counter to keep you from getting your share. They are all out there!

This is the hidden asset game…but remember this: two can play! When “Junior” applied for his car loan, he had to fill out an application. And how about a home purchase or leasing an apartment? All right, here it comes — all of that should be subpoenaed! Oh, it will all be there, Bonehead trying to impress someone with all of his earnings info, and the rest is just funny! On a home loan, or any bank loan, you are not supposed to tell fairy tales! The FEDS get pissed, especially with what the country is going through now with bad paper on home loans. This is all admissible in court and could level the playing field if you have a lawyer smart enough to know what to do with it! Or even how to get it!

The courts know these deadbeats are liars and cheats…you have to trap them, and it is real easy most of the time!

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