John’s Rate-a-Judge: Mark Juhas

On Monday, I had the opportunity to sit in the courtroom of Judge Mark A. Juhas, L.A. Superior Court, Dept. 43. Are we just lucky to have judges at the Stanley Mosk Courthouse who all seem so compassionate as this group? I have yet to find a judge who is not a little “likable.” Oh sure, I have my favorites, and this guy could be on that list also. He was very considerate, and gave as much help as he could from the bench without “practicing law.” His delivery was knowledgeable and direct, and he gave a few some big headaches…hey! This is divorce court, if it was meant to be fun, more would do it! This is another judge who can make the “ride” a little less bumpy.

For the skeptical, wait…I will find one that I don’t care for. Or better yet, send me your feelings about the guy on the bench that is not your friend! But remember…they are not there to be friends or the receivers of bullshit from you or the loser you married! They are judges who have to make decisions. For some it may seem easy, and for other judges it could take more time…but I have to feel that most of the time, they are making the right decisions!

One other thought: Mary Poppins does not marry Attila the Hun! Many of you made bad decisions, and these men and women in black will make some new decisions for you both! Get a good lawyer, and above all be honest!

Nazarian’s Rating: ***

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