BackstabberIt’s a funny thing that we are so quick to call someone a friend, when in fact they are nothing more than someone we know. I have seen divorces go right in the shitter when you forget that! Do you realize how many of your “friends” are going to be sad to your face, but happy as you walk away? Lots! Also, don’t be so quick to make new friends right after your breakup or during your divorce. Some of these “blessings” could be spies, and will sell you out for money or a candy bar. Yes, you are hearing it here now, and please believe me!

This is going to sound so bad, but here I go. I can almost smell these people, and I am seldom wrong! I have seen “evaluators” take the word of boozing dog walkers that hardly knew the person being “evaluated.” Remember, many of these people are only your “friend” so that they can share your world, as theirs is so miserable, and will be there for you as long as you are paying the freight. And if your ex comes along offering to upgrade their fare, they’ll jump ship in a heartbeat.

Recently, I warned one of my my clients to watch out for some of the people around her, but she did not, and each one of them became “collaterals” for her husband (paid witnesses, LOL)! These were the biggest group of losers I have ever seen…one was a borderline criminal, yet her word and declaration were taken and used against my client. The dog walker — whose only expertise was on how she could pick up runny poop off of your neighbor’s lawn using her thumb and little finger — this nitwit was used as a witness, too! Again, I had warned her of this pooper-scooper, but my warning was not heeded and POOF, this one is involved, too! A friggin’ dog walker!

Don’t tell anyone your problems or your legal strategy, unless they are involved in your case through your lawyer. If you don’t have a lawyer, still don’t discuss your plans. People enjoy watching others go through a divorce, it is great gossip material! Many of the friends you thought you had when married will likely not be your friends in the next phase of your life…TRUST NO ONE! They may remain his!

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