Bail Bonds and Family Jewels

Chickie Leventhal & JohnEvery strong, loving and trusted relationship should have an equally powerful and strong P.I….also important is a BAIL AGENT! Believe it or not, I have very simple taste, “just the best!” My friend Chickie Leventhal is the owner of Chickie’s Bail Bonds, and talk about a class act! Her agency, I swear, has been around so long that she may still have a barn where she would hold cattle for collateral! That is Chickie, this is a family affair and I am telling you, you will love this wonderful family of Bail Agents. When I have a problem and one of my clients has a had a “lapse of judgement,” the problem begins to get better when I call Chickie. She was even getting ready to help me post OJ’s Bail (that is another story for another time)! And just like me she answers her own phone, 310-545-4513.

Former Family JewelsWhile on the subject of making changes, how about when you decide to re-design the “family jewels” (the ones on your finger)? The memory attached to that ring can be tough for many women, and too much to endure. However, redesigning the “ring of love” into a nice piece of jewelry is always a step in the right direction! Well, do I have a great source for you: ‘Lakal Jewelry’ is owned by Laura, and you can find her at 310-476-9075. This is old school, and Laura’s knowledge and talent is second to none. Don’t get rid of the “ring”…Now that you have had it removed from your nose, bring it to Lakal Jewelry and she will redesign it, or better yet, help you to upgrade to something fun! And after this ordeal, fun is good!

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