Honesty is my policy

John MCS SWATIm being brutally honest because I have been in this game for 16 years, and have watched as only an ex-cop can! It is very true, once a cop always a cop. While on this subject, I have never been fired from any agency. This was an accusation made about me a few timesoh, for sure, the other side will attack you, too. One of my good friends from a firm that I did loads of work for over the years — had the nerve to accuse me of taking kick backs! Yes, she did and in open court. It just goes to show you that many of these legal eagles will throw their own under the train if they can make a buck…I guess its like that old slogan, “no honor among thieves.” I have never taken a kickback from anyone, as a matter of fact I dont even take referral fees from people, dont need to. That is why I charge a very honest fee for helping you throw out the trash, that trash being the former love of your life!

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