Why this blog?

I’ve been a private investigator in Beverly Hills for 15 years, and a cop for 10 years before that. I specialize in protecting women from the men they loved after relationships go bad. When the shit hits the fan in a client’s marriage, I put on overalls and help take out the trash.

I, John J. Nazarian, promise you that I will provide you with everything you need to wage this war, or as I refer to it, Guerilla Warfare on this F*%# of Life! I’ll direct you on how to collect the evidence you will want to know on how he cheated on you, if that is the case, and I will show you what to do with that evidence. Keep in mind you dont need any evidencebut the revenge of knowing and shoving his face into it is priceless! If you dont have any proof, I will show you how to get itthis is war and we are not going to play fair, this is my mantra! We will plan how to protect your assets, also known as covering your own ass! If you cannot afford a lawyer, we will look into that, toothere is more than one way to put this sucker to bedand not with you.

Remember this, it is very simple: if you just give up, you are screwed. The worst thing you can possibly do when a long-term relationship goes South (and knowing that reconciliation is a joke) is to do nothing! If you want to take that long walk away with something that matters, alimony, child support, a house, your belongings, your DIGNITY, then you are going to have to fight back, so put on the steel toe boots and get ready to kick some ass!

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