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Mulberry Street Pizzeria multiplies

Mulberry Street Pizzeria

A few months ago I returned to what was at one time my favorite place to eat pizza, Richie Palmer’s Mulberry Street Pizzeria…..the one on 347 N. Camden Drive, Beverly Hills, Ca. 310-247-8998. I had been eating at this place for over 16 years and was always happy with the food, it was the best! What was often a problem was the “shit attitude” of the staff.

Well, I called a friend and he assured me that Richie was at the restaurant and promised me I would be happy…and as is always the case, when Richie is behind the counter the place runs like a Swiss watch. I had a bowl of spaghetti and meatballs, Richie’s meatballs are very special, they come from a special place, Palmer’s heart. All the food was the best and Richie himself gave me a jar of his very special Marinara Sauce, leave it to Richie Palmer to bottle his sauce, Richie’s genius. This is the exact same sauce that he serves at all his restaurants on all his pasta dishes. This sauce was spectacular and worth the price, you can almost close your eyes and think you are in Beverly Hills. Good job! As I left Richie asked how was everything, my response was quick, “when Richie is on the scene it is always just fine.”

Richie Palmer’s pizzerias are always about the pie, aka PIZZA! That has been his focus for almost 20 years and his focus is his magic. Richie Palmer’s Mulberry Street Pizza restaurants are popping up all over Los Angeles. Richie has two in Beverly Hills, one in Encino and a new one in Sherman Oaks, open since November 2010. Well as luck would have it I visited this one yesterday, Saturday the 17th of March! I was greeted with a friendly face, the manager, Amos Monzon, 17 years with Richie’s pizza empire. His friendliness was contagious, the whole place had a great vibe to it. I had gone to visit my friend Cary Goldstein, Cary has always been a genius in the kitchen. Loved cooking more than practicing law and now Cary has found happiness, Mr. Goldstein and Mr. Palmer have joined forces to open a few new locations. Each of these locations are very similar, black and white tile, counters and tables, fresh, bright and always clean. Watching the staff prepare the food and again you are reminded, food handling gloves and clean.

Sherman Oaks is incredible and when you visit you have to check out the Chef’s table to the rear of the restaurant…an incredible chunk of wood that is now a table. Visit this location at 15136 Ventura Boulevard, Sherman Oaks, Ca. (818) 784-8880. Parking is not a problem, huge parking lot right behind the place and a door right into the Pizzeria! Also if you don’t feel like driving and want a pie delivered? No Problem, they deliver and there is no charge, FREE DELIVERY!

Tell Amos that you saw this story and after you stuff your face on some great food, get a slice of that great cake! Funny no gelato, but cake, white cake or chocolate cake at a pizzeria, Richie Palmer’s genius again, the cake is worth the trip! Cake at a Pizzeria?

Yup, leave it to Richie!

More locations to come and you can be assured that Richie Palmer does not sleep much, he is out looking for locations with Chef Bruno. Do yourselves a favor and grab a bottle of that Marinara on your next visit, you won’t be sorry. Also did I tell you they only have one size pizza, BIG! I asked Mr. Goldstein were they concerned about some of these other pizza chains and the lousy 5 pizzas for $15.00. He laughed and told me, “it is all about the pizza.” This is genuine real New York style pizza, well that is unless you want to fly back to New York and grab a pie. Not a problem, Richie Palmer solved the problem visit his Pizzeria’s. I asked if they were at all concerned about other pizzerias, the response was quick, “Wherever we go we put them out of business.” And you know what, if you visit one of Richie Palmer’s Mulberry Street Pizzeria’s you will understand immediately why that is a true statement.

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