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Judge Pellman is watching the LA DCFS and so should we all

Judge Amy Pellman

The Los Angeles Times, in an article by Garrett Therolf dated July 2nd,is reporting that a judge in children’s court “Rebukes child welfare workers for abusing their power.“ Hello! this is no big news, it is about time judges are addressing these atrocities being committed under the color of authority! When is it ever bad when you hear or read that a judge of the superior court realizes something is wrong and states so? Bravo to Judge Amy Pellman and any other jurist who knows the law and will speak his or her mind when they see an injustice. Especially for someone like Judge Pellman, she was a highly trained lawyer who specialized in family and children issues prior to being appointed to the bench.

Children and family issues are what this jurist cut her teeth on. Judge Pellman’s name will forever be attached to the “Alliance for Children’s Rights,” an organization that she once led! Now as a sitting Superior Court Judge and able to make observations that something is not right, is that not what a judge is supposed to do? “County Lawyers” who represent the Department of DCFS are upset. Too bad these very same county lawyers were not upset on April 24 when Vyctorya Sandoval at only 17 months of age was pronounced dead after doctors spent 6 hours trying to save her life?…this was another deadly blunder by the crew of DCFS.

Not a question that being a social worker is thankless and at times overwhelming and are there “social workers” with little or no experience you betcha. The problem for DCFS is that their crazy bat shit behavior is no longer being hidden! Thanks to Presiding Judge Michael Nash and for judges like Pellman who will let you know when something stinks…and the media loves it. When it comes to issues about children and moms and dads no hiding behind curtains…the curtains for DCFS have been pulled. Do not be angry at judges like Judge Pellman, the days of secret crazy shit are over (just google Los Angeles DCFS and sit back and be prepared to be shocked).

The lawyers representing DCFS should be looking at those within the department who are filing fraudulent reports (felonies) and taking their frustrations out on those that cannot fight back. There are some fine employees of DCFS working under tough conditions, and at the same time they should be grateful to have a job. What can even make this even more terrible is when you have a DCFS social worker working in concert with a court appointed monitor (this has been an actual issue for families). For those families who fall under this terror that these people can reign down upon them, we all should be thanking judges like Judge Pellman and Judge Nash. It is very obvious or at least it should be to all employees of DCFS that the old way of doing business is gone and now society and media are watching!

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July 3, 2012
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Judge Amy Pellman is Looking Forward to Opening Children’s Court

Judge Amy Pellman

Judge Pellman

The Los Angeles Times has an article in the OP-ED section titled, “A Victory for Sunshine“ by Jim Newton. The gist of the piece is what I was talking about in my previous article regarding the opening of children’s court in Los Angeles…”No Mo’ Secrets.” if you are not doing your J.O.B. you might get some bad press. Not the children but the adults whose job it is, is to “do right” by the children.

Funny thing about people in the legal profession many like medical institutions like to hide behind the secrecy or as is often stated, “shield” those who work with children from any real scrutiny. Problem is this, just like a dampness hiding in the walls of a house with a leak, all may seem to be fine but a “mold” begins. Likewise when you have this secret society of the “well”-meaning you get the very same thing. The level of incompetence I have witnessed in my four years of covering the courts is frightening. I have watched lawyers screw up cases and I have watched some who acted like buffoons. I have documented this very behavior every time I have crossed paths with those who I saw as buffoons, much to the dismay of those “buffoons” I have written about.

Having the press in the courtroom is a good thing and much to the group of lawyers in Judge Pellman’s court it would have seemed that scalding water had been poured on a bunch of angry rats. The “scalding” occurred when it was announced that a reporter from the L.A. Times would be sitting in. One lawyer, Thomas Wayne Pichota was unhappy and stated that “Nash was wrong” and went on to discuss the issues of law. I called Mr. Pichota’s office and left a message for a comment and as of 2.15.12 no call back! Pretty soon the other lawyers decided to jump on the bandwagon and protest too. Judge Pellman is the ultimate bandwagon smasher, she told them it is reported “No.” “No” as to any delays and other legal shenanigans, (I use the word SHENANIGANS often talking about legal stuff, is is such an appropriate word). Here is a thought for some of these lawyers, good work can get some good attention! However being a gas bag and sucking on the public tit for fees representing children should be under review by those of us in the media and press. Taxpayers have a right to know, right? Someone in the audience (a lawyer) wanted to be sure no child’s name was mentioned…this is funny. I never mention kids by name if ever at all, but I do like to comment on the actions and behavior of lawyers!!! Judge Pellman was having none of it…note to the gang in children’s court, Pellman is tough and knows the laws pertaining to children as well or better than many in California and maybe the entire United States.

This system does not have to be private and secretive, some of these very same cases end up in the news and we all read about the disasters of the system. Having the media present may bring a more positive light to a group of lawyers and social workers who like having ‘No Sunshine’ in the courtroom…Pellman’s court is going to be court of Truth, Justice and for the children.

Note: For all of those public servants who do a good job and the professional whose practice is in the interest of children, this is all good stuff. It is those who like to be assured that any blunders will just disappear in time…the time has come!

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February 16, 2012
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Opening Children’s Court Is a Good Move in Los Angeles

Judge Michael Nash

Judge Michael Nash

Let’s give Presiding Judge Michael Nash a big round of applause and a standing ovation for having the courage and strength to open the courts to the media. For many years children’s court has been closed to everyone and everything…secretive comes to mind. This secrecy has encouraged INCOMPETENCE to breed and to go unnoticed except to those who sit in judgment..the judges and of course “the silent ones.” What has this “secret” society bred, INCOMPETENCE, and this judge and others are very much aware of this problem. Sure there is no John J. Nazarian with his note pad and Montblanc pen observing the goings on and writing as fast as possible…never ever interested in the children. What I am interested in is the INCOMPETENCE and silliness that I see very often in and around the court house on any given day.

What can one report on, let’s see, a L.A.County Sheriff Security guard aka “clown” or Minors Counsel making fools of themselves or the ever present group of fools known as “Monitors.” John J. Nazarian will listen and observe and report all for the world to read. I have been told that my presence in some courtrooms can make some uncomfortable as to what is “he” (me) going to write…this is just at the Stanley Mosk.

This new openness, if I am understanding this correctly, is what Judge Nash wants, he and other bench officers are seeing things that I think judges are finding disturbing and what is it that is disturbing? INCOMPETENCE of those involved in dealing with children and related issues in the Juvenile Court. INCOMPETENCE being shown by who, Hmmm lets see social workers? Lawyers representing children? and others! This is a little uncomfortable for a whole bunch of people,

“openness is profoundly unsettling in a courthouse accustomed to doing its work in private,“

as reported in the Los Angeles Times (2.12.12).

All I can say is that I am going to be showing up real soon and all I can hope for is that at least one INCOMPETENT player at the Children’s Court makes their presence known and I will make you and your INCOMPETENCE famous. And for all of you who try and get me thrown out of the courtroom…that makes you “subject matter” forever…I promise, and I do have a “Press Pass.”

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February 13, 2012
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