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John Nazarian: Living in the world of “DENIED” and other fun DIVORCE Escapades!

Tweet Here is an interesting decision from the appellate court, my opinion of two litigants, ‘Mom’ & ‘Dad’…..I often ask and I often wonder what makes people in DIVORCE court think they can play games? You would never behave like

Kelly Rutherford Gossip Girl Divorce Part II

Tweet How painful can it be to sit at times and listen to people in DIVORCE court play the game. “Team Quiet” was a little more noisy than the other day. Fahi Takesh Hallin was throwing anything in legal terms

Kelly Rutherford Takes Out the Euro Trash

Tweet I had the opportunity to sit in Judge Teresa A. Beaudet’s court Department 2B (the court clerk, the asst clerk and the bailiff all make this place a well run department and a pleasure to deal with). Judge Beaudet

Judge Amy Pellman is Looking Forward to Opening Children’s Court

Tweet The Los Angeles Times has an article in the OP-ED section titled, “A Victory for Sunshine“ by Jim Newton. The gist of the piece is what I was talking about in my previous article regarding the opening of children’s

Opening Children’s Court Is a Good Move in Los Angeles

Tweet Let’s give Presiding Judge Michael Nash a big round of applause and a standing ovation for having the courage and strength to open the courts to the media. For many years children’s court has been closed to everyone and