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Pay Sardines and you get Shamu! And what is that smell?

Tweet My good friends Mark V. Kaplan and Patrick Decarolis, if at some point they decided that law is not working for them, could do a ‘Road Show’. They were at their best yesterday and at times even the judge

Fun Stuff – From Commissioner James Endman to Roslyn Soudry at the Super Bowl

Tweet Commissioner James Endman is in his 25th year as a commissioner of the Superior Court, I first commented on Commissioner Endman 7 years ago. Through the years I have become very fond of him as a person (he is

Happy Holidays from our Home to Your Home – the John J Nazarian Family

Tweet This is my holiday message, ready, well get ready, this year we are not going to give any personal gifts to any of the lawyers we deal with. Instead, we have decided to pick three individuals who have needs

A Big Story Avi Levy Joins Meyer – Olson – Lowy & Meyers LLP

Tweet Fascinating to think that in a time when the State of California is closing courtrooms and laying off court staff, many law firms are teetering on, ‘what do we do ‘, that one law firm is still hiring. Meyer,

Road Rash or Marty Singer, Esq.?

Tweet Bernie wrote several messages on his wall as he posted the photos, saying, “ADRIENNE MALOOF WAS PUSHED TO THE GROUND. PUNCHED & BEATEN … HE IS A BEAST.” Sounds like, someone was wearing a feather boa and ‘packing fudge!’….Please!

John J Nazarian’s Report on Levitt & Quinn 31st Annual Awards dinner!

Tweet Last Friday night, September 21, 2012 I attended the Levitt & Quinn 31st Annual Awards dinner, the award, Humanitarian Service Award was being presented to someone that I have immense respect for. This year’s recipient, The Honorable Thomas Trent

Money tightens even in the world of Divorce…for some!

Tweet What is one of the toughest things a dentist has to deal with? Getting Paid! And it would seem to be the case at times for the Los Angeles Divorce Lawyers community too. ( Sometimes you take a looser