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Told you so!

Tweet I am never ever one to say “well, I told you so,” but, “I told you so!” The big L.A. firms are still around, for now. Some are having a great deal of trouble in re-inventing what was once

The Long Cause: Drooling Lawyers

Tweet I have to be honest, the Stanley Mosk is not the same as it once was for the sake of being entertained. The days of The Honorable Donna Fields Goldstein, The Honorable Amy Pellman, The Honorable Scott M. Gordon,

Super Tomfoolery

Tweet L.A. Magazine for 2015 and SUPER LAWYERS…….Total and complete ‘Tomfoolery’ is what this crap is, pure baloney. Folks, this is all advertising and some F’n publisher thought ‘hard and short’ how to do a shake down of peoples egos

Jackpot…You’re welcome

Tweet     Making it on DESPERATEEXES.com works, a very large and prestigious law firm landed a great case from being mentioned on DESPERATEXES.com   This was a very good case and the litigants that took the name from one

John Connolly – Ray Donovan – Anthony Pellicano – Scientology Spy?

Tweet I have to admit, after my friend Kat contacted me about some thoughts that she had on a new TV show, Ray Donovan, I watched. And I may be hooked, hooked on what would appear to be total bullshit