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A Breath of Fresh Air

Tweet How often do you find a breath of fresh air? Well, that is what I did today. I met with Diana Hagopian, founder and principal of Hagopian & Associates. Diana truly began from the very bottom of the barrel,

RIP Connolly K. Oyler, Esq

Tweet We are sad to report that Connolly K. Oyler, Esq. has passed away. Connolly lost his battle with an illness he had been stricken with. Connolly was a graduate of U.C.L.A. and U.S.C. school of law. In his day

Good Luck Ms. Kim

Tweet Seeing that I am on a roll here for seasoned “associate lawyers” who were once members of big firms now seeking fame and fortune on their own, meet my friend Soo J. Kim, Lawyer. Soo J. Kim is also

A Pit Bull, Cinderella and The Evil Queen & $1,500,000.00

Tweet Pamela Anderson makes her deal and gets a cool $1,500,000.00 dollars. Sure it was easy, it is always easy to get the soon to be X to give you a cool one and a half million. Actually, it was

Gunfighter With A Law Degree

Tweet In every profession there are the guys who can seem to get things done. For instance, I and my team have a great reputation of getting things done, even though sometimes fingers get stepped on, it is just the

Welcome Joe!

Tweet Joseph Peter Koenig, Esquire, has moved on down the road. Formerly of Trope & Trope, now Law Office of Joseph Peter Koenig. Joe has been in the trenches of DIVORCE war for more years than I can remember. Joe

Another year of fun and games

Tweet Well, it has been another year of fun and games. Horse shit and misery was still the choice of many that found themselves in the throes of DIVORCE. Judge Thomas Trent Lewis likely gave what I think was the