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‘Little Bits’ is going to be a new feature of DESPERATEEXES.com

Tweet One of the funniest comments I have heard this week is one DIVORCE lawyer communicates to another DIVORCE lawyer and says, ‘Your fees are excessive’. This is a little like the kettle calling the pot black, is it not!

Justin’s Gift Teen Prom ticket deadline this Saturday!

Tweet This Saturday, May 3, is the deadline to buy your tickets to “A Night To Sparkle”, the LGBTQ and Allies Teen Prom sponsored by Justin’s Gift. Click here to go to Justinsgift.org to buy your tickets. Tickets must be

John J Nazarian in Secret Societies of Hollywood – Three new clips uploaded

Tweet Three new clips of John J Nazarian from his appearence in the lastes episode of ‘Secret Societies of Hollywood’, ‘Deals and Dealers’ are now up on Vimeo. Head over and check them out, then catch the whole episode on

John Nazarian to appear in ‘Secret Societies of Hollywood’ on E!

Tweet John will once again appear in E!’s Secret Societies of Hollywood, this Thursday on E! at 8pm Eastern/7pm Central. Check your local listings and catch John.               Follow John J Nazarian On Twitter;

Desperate Exes Google Plus page is up

Tweet If you have a Google Plus account, you can now follow us by clicking here. You can also follow him on his personal Plus page by clicking here. Follow John J Nazarian On Twitter; follow John on Facebook and

Sandra Lyon — Is this Santa Monica High School Lyon an Ass?

Tweet A Santa Monica High School teacher and a student went ‘fist to cuffs’ and I am hoping that Superintendent Sandra Lyon is on the right track and defending the teacher! No way would any teacher go through what Mark

John Nazarian for Commissioner Emma Castro for judge, Office 107

Tweet Once again DESPERATEEXES.com and Nazarian and Associates is throwing our support for Commissioner Emma Castro. Commissioner Castro is in the run to be elected to the bench as a judge, office 107 and a better selection in our opinion