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Little Bits–Angry Divorce lawyers, wild wheels and footwear

Tweet These are the times of ‘angry’ DIVORCE lawyers. One ‘DIVORCE’ lawyer says to another “You really are not a very nice person”…….LMAO, this was said by one of the lawyers who was critical in the Anthony Pellicano case a

John J Nazarian to Columbus-Chinese Finger Traps

Tweet It would appear that DIVORCE lawyer to the stars, R. Michael Collum, has ‘Columbus’ chasing him all over the map, or in this case, the cell phone. No, not that ‘Columbus’ with the boat. Columbus Short, formerly a big

John J Nazarian– Lisa Helfend Meyer squares off with Roger Rombro

Tweet The other day I was ‘trolling’ the halls of the Stanley Mosk Courthouse and I could not help but notice some really big sharks ‘laying low’. I stopped and looked and as I suspected there was ‘blood’ in the

John Nazarian – Getting your day in Court

Tweet I, John J. Nazarian, am famous for lots of things, cooking, collecting and driving very cool cars, great houses, first class travel, custom made alligator boots and pretty well known private investigator with an incredible track record of hitting

John Nazarian: Contempt = Dad’s 2 Prosecution 0

Tweet Is this the season for contempt charges brought against ‘Dads’ by ‘Moms’? How lucky, or unlucky, for some that I was present for the hands down slaughter of prosecuting lawyers in Los Angeles DIVORCE courts??? First I get to

John Nazarian to Orange County….Get ready, here comes M.O.L.M

Tweet What happens in the world of DIVORCE lawyers when one large Century City firm feels it is time to stretch? Meyer, Olson, Lowy & Meyers, LLP have decided to do just that, stretch. This Century City ‘Divorce’ firm has

John J Nazarian: How to tell if your dog is involved in a sex scandal

Tweet Got this from a friend. Thanks Bonnie Russell. Follow John J Nazarian On Twitter; follow John and see who John J Nazarian is following. Most Important subscribe to John J Nazarian on Vimeo, see John Unleashed on the latest