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Evil Witch Beaudet

Tweet Back around June or July of 2012 I wrote of one the biggest mis-uses of Judicial power I had ever seen, both as a Peace Officer and as a private investigator. The Queen of this INJUSTICE was none other

Happy Fathers Day–John’s Response

Tweet Recently I was given an email that I am assuming I have permission to print, it is very emotionally charged. I get the heat that a DIVORCE brings. However, for anyone to underestimate my ability to read between the

Happy Fathers Day….not so much

Tweet Judge or Comm. Cowan – I thought Comm. but it said Judge in his Probate Courtroom last week on May 14 when he slammed me with financial sanctions, totally disregarded due process, blatantly treated me very differently than the

Dad and his Lawyer- The Long Cause Prequal

Tweet Update from the court: This was a case that was briefly taken in front of “The Rabbi and the Lack of Commitment.” I have long known of the old trick that if you want to stop or stymie a

The Long Cause: Drooling Lawyers

Tweet I have to be honest, the Stanley Mosk is not the same as it once was for the sake of being entertained. The days of The Honorable Donna Fields Goldstein, The Honorable Amy Pellman, The Honorable Scott M. Gordon,

Update on Vladimir Potanin

Tweet Getting you ass creamed in DIVORCE court is a total luck of the draw, as in what state you file in. Sure, who files first, where is your house, what drivers license from what state do you carry in

Ex-Wife of Russia’s Richest Man Potanin Sues for Half His Fortune

Tweet The jilted ex-wife of Russia’s richest man, Vladimir Potanin, is suing for half of his business empire, which includes mining giant Norilsk Nickel and conglomerate Interros, a news report said Wednesday. But instead of planning to manage the shares