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Fun Stuff – From Commissioner James Endman to Roslyn Soudry at the Super Bowl

Super Bowl Fun

Commissioner James Endman is in his 25th year as a commissioner of the Superior Court, I first commented on Commissioner Endman 7 years ago. Through the years I have become very fond of him as a person (he is always so polite and entertaining in his stories) and he still fascinates me when sitting on the bench and doing ‘judge stuff’.
As always, I stand by any and all my comments here on MY website, I do believe that every time, Commissioner James Endman laughs from the bench the lights at the Mosk flutter!

Is Commissioner Endman the ‘Bob Hope’ of the superior court? (It seemed that Hope hosted the ‘Oscars’ 19 times but never got an Oscar, 4 honorary ones, those are nice but not quite the same as an Oscar) Can some governor throw this bench officer a bone with just a little meat and /or allow Commissioner Endman to kiss whatever ring he has to and get the title of ‘ JUDGE ‘? Look at all the years Commissioner Endman has been on the bench, and let me be the first to tell you, Commissioner Endman’s court is busy. And you may not like what you are hearing, but he is busy! So let me be the first this year, 2013 to make it clear, The Time Has Come, please toss this man a ‘judgeship’…… or an Academy Award for acting as a judge for what seems like an eternity. Please, someone in Sacramento, make this man a judge!

The number of times we receive nasty comments and or grievances here at on judges and lawyers is sometimes staggering. Not that I will ever need any help with nasty comments, especially for some of these lame ass so called lawyers. I am also very much aware that some lawyers, because of my comments and will never use my professional services, for those, just remember, IT CAN ALWAYS GET WORSE, MUCH WORSE! One comment we hear a great deal is that, “I did not get to tell the judge my side“. Well be careful what you wish for, there really is a reason that 99.99 percent of all lawyers do not want their clients talking in open court and especially to the judge directly.

Mike and I were roaming around after dropping off some papers and it was a very fascinating afternoon, so many women dressed relatively nicely, I want to make myself clear, relatively. It was the shoes that caught my eye on several occasions, I asked my son if there was a ‘hooker’s ball’ maybe in town? And some of these potential hookers were taking a tour of The Mosk? These shoes for several of the women wearing them seemed so inappropriate, there over all girth and the size of the shoes seemed dangerous! There was not anyone wearing something a Wiesner, Meyer or a Jamra would wear, not a classy pair to be found in the bunch. No it was like there was a ‘blue light’ flashing when these shoes were purchased and also, the bag and the shoes should match, just a little.

It just happened again….women shoes, I may need a therapist. I was on the subject of why some humans in the battle of divorce should never talk to the court and if they do, caution is the word that comes to mind. Well, Mike and I walk into The Honorable Judge Thomas Trent Lewis courtroom and I notice the judge is listening to a lawyer. This lawyer was lets just say was talking faster than he could think and was making lots of little errors, it was comical, was it not Mr. Cooper? Even more comical was that it seemed that Judge Thomas Trent Lewis too was keeping count. The only thing I did notice was that Mr. Cooper kept his pie hole shut and was quiet, as it was obvious that Pro Per Dad had been and was still doing himself in. AKA….Cooper was winning as ‘Dad’ kept falling on his sword.

Mr. Cooper’s client, ‘Mom’ could have done just fine by herself as “ Dad” had sealed his own fate with those offensive e-mails….done! ‘Dad’ did apologize….it was too late. Quite frankly, I could tell as Judge Lewis was reviewing e-mails, “ Fuck Off ………. “ and “dumbass…..” that was directed towards ‘mom’. One of the concerns of the court was the ‘bullying’ and that the child at some point may want to come and look at the divorce records and would see this terrible verbiage that was waged on ‘Mom’ by ‘Dad’ and then what? (The reason these two people are here is that they don’t like each other and ‘Mom’ may very well be all that ‘Dad’ says she is.) Here is the rub, you both will be ‘Mom’ and ‘Dad’ for a very very long time. And ‘Dad’ needs to understand that at one time he certainly did love ‘Mom’ as the two of them had a great kid…and it is my thought and only my thought this was the point that the court was preparing ‘Dad’ to understand.

The ‘Dad’ was given almost 2 hours of time to present his case to the court, ‘Dad’ may have been better off in keep his thoughts brief… Judge Lewis was annoyed at what he saw as bullying and aggressive behavior by ‘Dad’ towards ‘Mom’. Judge Thomas Trent Lewis did however leave the door open that after anger management and parenting classes that ‘Dad’ may return to court. Lets all hope that ‘Dad’ will get a firmer grip on the mistakes of technology and keep away from e-mails and take the advice of Judge Lewis, ‘the door is open, just a crack, but still open’.


BTW “Makes $1 mil a year plus family money and he’s managed, with his pit bull Ilene E. Trabolsi Esq. to keep me from even having representation the last few years.”… This is a very small excerpt from a very long e-mail and the writer describes, Ilene Trabolsi as a “ Pit Bull “. Never in my life would I think I would have someone describe Ilene as a pit bull! Little like someone describing Lisa Helfend Meyer as ‘timid’.

Ros Soudry Super Bowl Weekend!

Ros Soudry Super Bowl Weekend!

BTW What well known Century City Lawyer decided two days before the Super Bowl to attend the game? Roslyn Soudry calls me and says ‘I am going to the game’….I of course ask, “do you have tickets“ ….. “do you have reservations for a hotel “…..and the answer was “no”.

Well long story, short, Ros went, had incredible seats at the 50 yard line in the ‘Club House’ section and had an incredible stay at a Bed and Breakfast! Was I surprised, not at all.

It is that same tenacity that Ros brings to her clients also! Ros and her daughter Monique Soudry Gorman, Esq. are a mom and daughter legal team, does it not get any better than that? Congrats on Ros’s first grandson, Sam! Monique, congrats to you too, ‘Mom’!

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Not much holiday cheer at the Mosk

Stacy Phillips "bag"

I have to wonder every time I visit the Stanley Mosk Courthouse and listen to what takes place in the DIVORCE court departments. Not everything is peachy at all times in all the departments…trust me! Things were not “peachy” for one lawyer and the story follows!

Lisa Helfend Meyer had an interesting encounter with Commissioner James Endman who “nests” comfortably in Dept.84. What became obvious was when Commissioner Endman became annoyed as to what appeared to me was his inability to understand the facts as they were presented to him (it was an international issue), he was done! Commissioner Endman would leave the bench in what could only be described as a “huff” and as he exited his courtroom for his chambers he did very much resemble “Grumpy,” one of the 7 Dwarfs!

All these years as a commissioner and having to deal with the same stuff as all the other judges and commissioners have to deal with I am sure it takes its toll. It takes its toll on me and I am only an observer. I am here to tell you Judge Endman and Lisa Helfend Meyer won’t be making “latkes” any time soon!

Talking about grumps, on the morning of December 15, 2011 I was in the courtroom of Judge Christine Byrd, dept. 65 and who do I see! Sticey Flips aka Stacy Phillips and on the other side is lawyer Laurence R. Goldman representing Freid and Goldsman, he is a partner! Once again I have to wonder where do “high dollar” lawyers buy their clothes? Mr. Goldman was explaining to the court that Manley Freid was flat on his back with Bell’s Palsy (this is a paralysis of the face due to inflammation or trauma of the facial nerve. Certainly it is not caused by laughing too much!) Mr. Goldman explained that Mr. Fried was unable to speak clearly and was partially paralyzed on the left side of his face. All of this bantering was for Judge Byrd to order a continuance due to Mr. Fried’s illness. I am sure that you don’t get this disease by laughing and being warm and friendly.

This could have very well been a meeting of the “worst dressed,” Sticey Flips was wearing an attractive all black outfit and looked pretty good! I could not understand however the several bright neon ‘sticky notes’ stuck on Ms. Flips black handbag? Nice, ever heard of a nice note book or binder? Again, having those bright colors on your black handbag will certainly remind you. I was also confused as to why she was wearing such an odd looking hat while in court? Does she not know better? Then I realized that it was not a hat at all but just her hair, and please forgive me my eyes are not as good as they once were and quite frankly other issues too are not working as well as they once did. May I suggest Jose Eber, and he too wears a hat!

Further down the hall I see Mr. Kolodny looking as good as ever and again a more entertaining and delightful fellow to speak with cannot be found. A great story teller and always great to speak with.

PS: For all of you who may or may not have been ticketed by “The Monster,” if you are lucky enough to drive a Sheriff’s white service car you can park in the red zone and not worry about being ticketed…as I have always said we are not created equal.

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December 24, 2011
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