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Going through a divorce? A breakup? Cry on John’s shoulder, you’ll feel better. Maybe he’ll have some advice that will help you take control of your situation and come out on top. Just don’t share any secrets you don’t want everyone to see here!

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  1. Lee Danielson says:

    Well I too have had the experience of “Ted Baxter”/Doug Bagby. To say deceitful is not strong enough. First he has been a social acquaintance for years and represented both my former wife and me but failed to disqualify himself from the pending divorce proceedings. Second, he has lied so many times I’m surprised his nose has not grown. He has known the entire assets of our estate and still has managed to bill my ex for half of the estate. His bullying tactics are well known. There is nothing about the “law” that involves Bagby. He is at best an extortionist. I have never ever met anyone who is more unethical than Bagby. I have personal knowledge of six former clients who claim their association with “Ted” was the worst experience of their life. I will do everything in my power to have him taken before the BAR (not that they would ever turn on one of their own).

    Meanwhile, my ex (whom I offered over 80% of the assets from the outset) is being taken for a ride until Bagby has all the cash and leaves the two of us homeless. I’m not sure he is of sound mind.

    Can anyone add to this sad story? A group of us are really ready to go after this creep and have him held accountable for his fee based shakedown.

  2. Frieda McKinnis says:

    On January 4, 2014 I left my home for a short period of time to help my friend. I left my adopted son, 12 yrs old, my grandson 8 yrs old, I have legal guardianship of him, and my 19 month old great grandson, just a placement, at home with my 19 year old grandson. During the period of perhaps one hour the 19 yr old contacted his girlfriend and she broke into my home knowing that she was not to be within 100 ft. of my grandson. The sheriff department came to my home and my grandson would not open the door, they knew someone was inside so they came in through the window and found her cowering under the mattress of a captains bed. She made up a story that she had been kidnapped in my small apartment for 10 days, beaten, and raped by my grandson. He was arrested the children removed from my home and allegations made toward me by DCFS that I should have known the children were in danger. My grandson had been thrown out of his friends house after this same girlfriend caused so much trouble there and he was homeless for the holidays so I allowed him to stay at my apartment for only three weeks. He never led me to believe he was still dating this girl and I trusted him through a grandma’s heart, now I know better but DCFS has taken the position that I should have known about his relationship and although she was never at my home when I was there I should have been more aware. They are holding my grandchildren in foster care for no reason, I have never had any convictions, no felonies, no type of criminal background at all and at the age of 63 I do not intend on becoming a criminal. I simply want all three children to be returned to my home and they will not even give me the respect of telling me what is going on in the life of my adopted child. They placed in his maternal grandmother’s home even after I warned them against that. She dropped him off at his mother’s home four years ago and he witnessed her stabbing and had to testify against gang members that were subsequently put in prison because of his testimony. They are looking for my adopted son to retaliate against him for this and for four years I have kept him out of the public eye as much as possible here in Palmdale. His social worker placed him with his grandmother yesterday in spite of records that show she was responsible for him being in harms way in the first place. He is in danger and no one will even acknowledge that I, his mother, have a right to voice my concerns. They did not even tell me about his placement because two months ago I spoke out against this placement. I need help and so do my children before they become victims of harm in this system.

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