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Bullshit and Roses

Tweet This is going to be one hell of a funny “TidBit”….How, I ask, does an organization such as The Beverly Hills BAR Association and or the L.A. County BAR association come up with some of their “hair brain” ideas?

My Thoughts…

Tweet Everyone or least many are waiting for the pendulum to swing the other way in the policing of America. From what we see on our televisions and read in newspapers one would truly wonder why would anyone take on

The Long Cause V: A Jealous Mistress

Tweet There is never a session in any court that Judge Thomas Trent Lewis sits that you will not learn something. This is a fact and wisdom and insight, as I have told many of you who are debating on


Tweet For some who read and enjoy my ramblings, and I do think there are one or two who do, here is one for the Monday morning of “what did he do?” AMICUS CURIAE, this is legal latin for “A

Lost in an elevator

Tweet What still very high paid DIOVRCE lawyer many are wondering if Alzheimer is not creeping in? Getting lost in an elevator is funny, unless it is you…..especially for the ‘arrogant one’. Oh, for sure a nice guy but just


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Little Bits – Careful what you ask for!

Tweet It was reported to that Attorney David Karton asked Judge Daniel Murphy of the Probate court for $100,000.00 for fees and got a big fat goose egg. Judge Murphy awarded him NOTHING ZERO ZILCH! LMAO. A bold move,