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Termites in the house

Tweet It has never been my nature to conceal my thoughts on issues that pop up in my life. Thus, the following is my position on Muslims and what is occurring in the world we live in today. As a

In Memoriam

Tweet Today I lost a friend. I seldom use the word “Friend” as I have so few. At my age, I have few “friends,” hundreds of acquaintances. As a young man, my father took me aside and told me to

Full Speed Ahead!

Tweet Well the crew at Meyer, Olson, Lowy & Meyers, LLP are at it again! Expanding! Expanding what is likely the largest family law practice in the United States today. M.O.L.M. is like a beehive; it slows down a little during

Happy Retirement!

Tweet One thing for sure here in sunny southern California is that things change, and most of the time unexpectedly, like all this damn rain! For us here at we are sad to report that my friend Fred Silberberg

Verdicts for sale

Tweet Many of you know my thoughts on private judges, as in “rent-a-judge.” These are retired bench officers who you can hire by the hour to help you avoid the courthouse.  Some have a management group that takes care of

Judge Hal

Tweet “Artificial Intelligence” is coming into all of our lives like a runaway freight train, with no way of stopping. It’s been reported that “AI” is likely to replace 40% of jobs that are now being done by humans in

No means $$

Tweet Well you know sometimes one of my family members reminds me of what I have done in the course of my work.  I am often told that it is possible that I am one of a few private investigators