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Memories of Bernard

Tweet As I am reviewing and researching a 30 plus year career working with the hundreds and hundreds of interesting and colorful people I have worked with, what a fascinating journey it has been. Recently, I was looking over the events

Just Call Me The Choker

Tweet Kobe Bryant is dead and buried but certainly not forgotten. All the wonderful accolades and paintings on walls and heartwarming memorials. I am never surprised at how easy the public is to fool and how time and lots of

The Man The Myth The Legend – The Life of John J Nazarian, Hollywood PI

Tweet After 31 years, I am moving forward with “my book.” Rose and I are interviewing some very interesting offers. We both think we have settled on someone who gets the idea, it is about me, and all the celebrities

Swan Dive L.A. Style

Tweet Steve Bing, once a truly filthy rich guy, who had inherited millions and spent money as if it would never run out, until he jumped to his death from the 27th floor of his condominium at10000 Santa Monica Boulevard,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Tweet Merry Christmas, and I hope a very Happy New Year for 2022. It is nice saying “Merry Christmas” and knowing that Santa Claus is still a Jolly Old White Guy.  I only mention this so much that much of

America Burning

Tweet I am sick to my stomach watching our precious children being slaughtered on our streets and in their beds and riding in cars, all taking place in America.  The shooting of children in their beds in big cities, Chicago,

Happy Thanksgiving

Tweet Happy Thanksgiving to all our readers and fans, and we do hope you have a wonderful and joyful Thanksgiving Holiday, except Samantha F. Spector, Esq. No, not really. After all, no one can “chase” a turkey like Samantha F. Spector.