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I heard it through the grapevine

Tweet Well, just as I had to “remove and apologize” to a law firm who I was told was going to go away around the first of the year, I got another good tip! The DIVORCE lawyers in So. Calif,

The Rich Old Guy and The Horses

Tweet What parent cannot relate to a child’s desire to have a ‘horsey’? Even for myself, my grand kids too wanted a horse. And as a parent and grandfather, we do have horses on my ranch and I also feel

John Nazarian and Dr. Glenn Lipson discusses MURDER

Tweet John J Nazarian guest tonight is Dr Glenn Lipson, forensic psychologist, and the topic is MURDER, both of these men think outside of the box, from John Nazarian going almost around the globe to bring the teen text murderers

Charlee’s Thoughts – Ray Donovan is Anthony Pellicano???

Tweet Back in the day, when I sat everyday in the wonderful world of Judge Dale Fischer’s federal courtroom I got one hell of lesson at what some very corrupt lawyers in Los Angeles will do to “ Win “!

John J Nazarian – You are so Right John on…….!

Tweet Recently we received a comment as to the qualifications and most important of all ‘the temperament’ of MONITORS. Or more appropriately, Certified Visitation Monitors, these are the people who the court will order and or appoint to watch and

John Connolly – Ray Donovan – Anthony Pellicano – Scientology Spy?

Tweet I have to admit, after my friend Kat contacted me about some thoughts that she had on a new TV show, Ray Donovan, I watched. And I may be hooked, hooked on what would appear to be total bullshit

John J Nazarian’s guest this week is Jefferson Fietek Discussing the Supreme Court Ruling on DOMA

Tweet Celebrity P. I. John J Nazarian’s guest this week is Jefferson Fietek a teacher from Minnesota. Jefferson is active in the LGBT community and is a board member of Justin’s Gift an organization to help LGBT teens. Jefferson is