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The Good Doctor

Tweet Talk about irony, or is it sarcasm, or a paradox, or is it all that and so much more? How does someone who has millions of dollars seem to care more about his desire for drugs and prostitutes than

Happy Thanksgiving

Tweet Happy Thanksgiving to all our readers and fans, and we do hope you have a wonderful and joyful Thanksgiving Holiday, except Samantha F. Spector, Esq. No, not really. After all, no one can “chase” a turkey like Samantha F. Spector.

So Drops the Other Shoe

Tweet Appellate Court Affirms $50,000 in Sanctions Against Attorney for Disclosure of Confidential Child Custody Evaluation February 5th, 2019, IRMO ANKA (Citation Pending) 2d Civil No. B281760   Our office, at one point, had the displeasure of being involved in

Congrats Ben and Roxanne

Tweet WOW is all I can say about the new law offices of Ben Valencia and Roxanne Taghavi! Talk about plush but soooo comfortable, this is it. Damn big-screen TVs everywhere. We love the location. Imagine driving into a nice parking

Congrats Ben, Happy Birthday Lisa

Tweet Benjamin Valencia II, Esquire, has decided to exit the firm that he was a “Partner” in words only. Actually, funny game some law firms play. That is a story for another day. Benjamin Valencia II, Esquire, is taking a

Better call Judy

Tweet I am a little embarrassed to have not written of someone on who is knocking the world of DIVORCE out of the park!  (LOL between Lisa Helfend Meyer and Stacy D Phillips, it could be an entirely new blog

The Magic Show

Tweet It was 1941, and it was one of W.C. Fields’ great movies, “Never give a sucker an even break.”  It appears that many lawyers in the world of DIVORCE law agree with that sentiment. An example, you ask. Well,