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Evil Witch Beaudet

Tweet Back around June or July of 2012 I wrote of one the biggest mis-uses of Judicial power I had ever seen, both as a Peace Officer and as a private investigator. The Queen of this INJUSTICE was none other

Happy Fathers Day–John’s Response

Tweet Recently I was given an email that I am assuming I have permission to print, it is very emotionally charged. I get the heat that a DIVORCE brings. However, for anyone to underestimate my ability to read between the

A Pit Bull, Cinderella and The Evil Queen & $1,500,000.00

Tweet Pamela Anderson makes her deal and gets a cool $1,500,000.00 dollars. Sure it was easy, it is always easy to get the soon to be X to give you a cool one and a half million. Actually, it was

Super Tomfoolery

Tweet L.A. Magazine for 2015 and SUPER LAWYERS…….Total and complete ‘Tomfoolery’ is what this crap is, pure baloney. Folks, this is all advertising and some F’n publisher thought ‘hard and short’ how to do a shake down of peoples egos

Hog Wild

Tweet Have you ever watched pigs or hogs at feeding time? Having spent considerable time on a ranch that members of my family owned, I got to watch how vicious a hungry pig can be. Another relative of ours had

When The Cat is Away, The Lawyers Will Play

Tweet Well it has been a few weeks and we decided to take a little vacation from all things DIVORCE…….and the issues that have come to surface! One small Beverly Hills DIVORCE lawyer shoots a nuclear ‘shit storm’ at the

‘Little Bits’ is going to be a new feature of

Tweet One of the funniest comments I have heard this week is one DIVORCE lawyer communicates to another DIVORCE lawyer and says, ‘Your fees are excessive’. This is a little like the kettle calling the pot black, is it not!